There are just those days when it’s rainy and cloudy and you just want to roll over and pull the covers back over your head, or least that’s how i feel some days.  I call those days my DEFEAT days. But I still have to get up and go to work, or at least sit at my desk and bang out a paper or two. I’m a research assistant at Lehigh University, and this is what I do. I sip my coffee and I think back to the days when the sun was shining and I remember that no matter how I feel inside THE SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN. The bacteria in the lab still grow, this is what I love about science: you can either count on things to go your way or they will be all funked up and horribly wrong and you have to do EVERYTHING over again.


It seems appropriate to leave with these lyrics from Mumford and Sons:

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair