If you honestly believed in me you would not have called me and told me about the way you think I should run my life. I believe that I should be allowed to make my own decisions. Mishael was doing this from the time she was 16, SIXTEEN. You had no input in her food, boys, or school. I know the situation was a little more secure in that, but now I have Logan, who is completely trustworthy. I got married with your complete trust and acceptance and you need to give me some space to spread my wings.

Logan helps me to moderate the people I interact with, the classes I take. In fact we talked at length before I even made the decision to change majors. We did a cost benefit analysis (deciding if the benefits were bigger than the costs, and if they were I wouldn’t have done it), and like Daddy said I have a lot of experience in lab work, so it makes sense that I would want to go into something lab related. This is why I decided to go with the scientific major.

Logan and I discussed:
• Intense amount of work
• New people
• Other physical stressors

In everything I NEVER thought about needing to consult you and Daddy, because I’m an adult. I got married and I’ve been living on my own for almost three years. I work in a graduate research lab in a very competitive program. I work with smart people every day, adult people. I handle my own projects in the lab. I can cook by myself, I can keep a house clean. I was told all my life that I would be able to do things on my own, or the other side that I wouldn’t be able to do that. So when I finally made up my mind and my husband and I were on our own I thought it best to make our own decisions.

I believe that you are afraid. You are afraid to let me live. You are afraid that I will forget what I have come from, who raised me or whatever. But you are killing me. I can’t believe you though. If you don’t stop we will be driven so far apart our relationship will be mutilated beyond confusion. There will be no fixing it and you will have lost your youngest daughter because you have your head up your ass. You really think you are trying to free me up and all you are doing is cramping me, tying my hands behind my back to the point that I can’t move without stepping on toes and hurting your feelings. You have been trying to make me feel empowered to say that you are better than your mom, when actually all that you are doing is tearing me down and doing the exact same types of stuff your mom did to you.

How do you not realize that what you are doing makes me feel victimized like three years ago. I feel like a child again. I was regressing before all of this. You always claimed to be a huge supporter of my recovery.

We can’t talk on the phone without it ending badly. I just don’t understand how that is supposed to make me feel. It certainly doesn’t make me desire to be around you. It makes me want to be with my husband and pull away from you.