I hate death. Just gunna throw that one out there. The only time death is good is when the person who dies was a terrible horrible person. The other time death is good is when it relieves pain. It was a good thing for death to occur, but death just sucks all the same. It was the end of one of my favorite people. My hero, my poppop was the man who provided me with stability in my life in an extremely unstable portion of time. Some of my favorite memories are as follows:

1. Jump off porch
2. Fish off the back porch and eat fish for dinner
3. Drive in the Chrysler
4. Willow tree
5. Go to the park
6. Dandelions
7. Coloring at the Kitchen table
8. Milkshakes
9. Hide and seek
10. Scrabble
11. Boggle
12. Kid Songs
13. Strawberry Patch
14. Longacres icecream
15. Cereal for Breakfast
16. Hickory park
17. Sprinkler on hot day
18. Climbing the tree on the side
19. Swinging out back
20. Ride the mower
21. Zoo trips