She knew he wasn’t trustworthy. but when he said he would show up, she thought maybe he would come through. She could hear the booze on his voice, but what the heck, it had happened before, and people can function through drunken stupours, right? But half way through the day, she picks up the phone, dialed his number and finally asked him that question, basically knowing hte answer before he spoke the words. Knowing he was born to disappoint her, knowing it was going to happen didn’t soften the blow. Knowing she needs to move on doesn’t help, finally turning to others, she is at her rope’s end. She tells them what is going on, tells them her heart is breaking, her life is falling apart, she is giving up on her dreams because of what happened, the control he has over her.

It’s not fair how often this happens, how she doesn’t see the light, the good things in her life. All the good things, just aren’t enough to make this person happy,