She goes to pick up the phone to call you before she remembers that it was you who yelled at her about not picking up her phone in the first place. Someone who loves someone else does not do that. You would know that if you had any common sense. IF you wanted her in your life you would have the decency to give half a shot at this relationship. But you’re just a slacker who is more than content to let the girl do all the work. While you sit in wonder and just let everyone around you do all the work. She has to lie to your elderly father to save face. It is not fair to expect others to do these things for you. Liven up a bit please.

It was youwho promised the little girl you’d take her out for ice cream and never showed up. You said you’d take her to the movies, to get a doll, she’d watch the clock for hours, she’d hear the cars pass outside and run to the window, just to be crushed. Later she stopped caring. Then youdid this again. You said that youwould come around for a holiday and you never showed up. Whatever gave you that right, to open up a wound that deep and close to her heart?