hey, I thought as the beginning of the new year i thought I’d let you know the pain hasn’t stopped. No one has forgotten your presence in our lives. The family still thinks of your love. We still wish you were here. We never told you how much you meant. Funny the way it works, huh? We never tell people how they affected our lives, then there is nothing left, and we suddenly want them there so much more. It hurts so badly, and all we want is more. More of them more time and we promise ourselves to do better with the rest.
But then others pull away. I don’t know what to do with the ones who are pulling away. Sometimes I think we were just staying together, in touch for your benefit. I think to myself that it is better that you can’t see how much disarray there is in ourlives now. What has happened in the past is indeed in the past, but there was that part of life that made it real. I think that part was your presence in our lives. You kept our family tied together.
Now we will fall to disarray.
Not that we blame you for leaving us.