Q: What are you irrational about?

A: People not showing up when they said they would. Even if you’re a few minutes late, I think it’s a problem.*Spiders. Why do they exist? Too many legs. They have super tiny mouths. Ridiculous. *Clothes. I just pile them everywhere. I don’t see a problem with the leaning pile a clean laundry. And don’t even bring my dressers into it. The rest of my house is reasonably clean. But leave my clothing habits out of it. *Food. I have self image issues coming out of my ass.

But that leads me to my next point. Irrationality is healthy. If we were purely rational about everything, all the time we would never find people who had those same irrational fears to be irrational with and therefore never make some of our closest friends. Those people who don’t mind the messes we make, or will talk to us about how they were thinking about the silly little lab principles the other day and it blew their minds. This is what friendship is about. Irrationality firmed together in the principle of rationality.