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You only see the beauty, never the pain

dancing in the moonlight — 2012/02/24

dancing in the moonlight

Life has just gotten crazy busy. I’ve been running around like a chicken minus its pretty little head. Still managing to keep up housework, a marriage, labwork, and part-time class schedule. Needless to say life has been insane though. Not much time to sit down and just defrag. This is the time one needs to just think about what’s been eating at the heart, and egging the passions. I’ve been doing so much lately, i haven’t had time to stop and think, and that’s caused me to just randomly lash out at silly stuff. So the thinking times are important too. Making time to have self comfort times. I’ve been making pamper times. Painting my nails, getting my hair cut, going for walks, anything that lets me thinking and helps me relax. The point is to help realize that the world CAN slow down, no matter how late at night it is. I’ve taken to dancing in the moonlight, not caring who is watching.

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