Tests as a rule

I hate them. Then there’s life. Everyday there’s a new challenge, a new obstacle to be faced, overcome. I prefer to take the less advocated role of avoiding tests and challenges. When hardships come up, I shut up. Yeah I know, the one who always has something to say shutting up, what now? But when there’s a problem to deal with I want to be as far away as possible from the area. I cordon off my heart with bubble wrap in order to not deal with the tricky emotions stumbling around in there. Thus far, it’s worked pretty well, at least for week-long periods. Then the crap I’m trying to avoid pops back up and the proverbial $hyt hits the fan. Wait that’s not a proverb. Oh well it should be. I’ll just keep going wherever the music takes me kittens and hope you do the same, and maybe we’ll meet there, after tumbling down the stairs.


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