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You make those girls go bad — 2012/07/26

You make those girls go bad

We went to mom and dads to see everyone and cuz they were having friends for dinner. We were thinking this way we could spend Sunday at oiur place and have a peaceful day alone. When we got there things were smooth enough, normal drama about how they hadn’t seen us in forever and whatnot. That was easy enough to ignore. The real kicker came when I tried to hug my dad and he ignored me, kinda brushing it off. Then when we were eating I got a normal amount of food, and mom made a comment about how people really do feed me, and now people would see that. Needless to say, I freaked. Mom tried to calm me down, failed, and finally let Logan in. it’s just insane and like she forgets sometimes.

Then dad made a snide remark about had a talked to jim lately, cuz about three weeks ago he broke his arm. My feeling is the same, that if jim wants to contact me, that is fine, it is his choice. I’ve got my life, and he has his, it is my place, as his daughter ot make my own choices regarding our relationships. Apparently he ios doing just fine without me in his life, and so be it.



Then there is my work at the lab. I am planning on continuing to work there through the summer as well as the fall. I am helping Logan with his research projects. Things are going really well.

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