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Those who think — 2012/08/24

Those who think

People who think rape can be anything but a massacre to one’s life are horribly wrong. In that scenario something precious, free will, is being removed from the picture, and a, act is being forced on the person without their consent, virtually bastardizing a beautiful thing. This makes rape one of the most invasive (no pun intended() acts to ever be done to a person. It leaves eternal scars, no matter the amount of counseling gone through, the length of time since it happened or the violence during the act itself. IT doesn’t matter if it started out as a date either, if the person never out and out consented to relations, it was rape. There is no damn thing as “legitimate rape”. Rape leaves a person feeling vulnerable, and like they did something wrong, naked and scared to trust the world again. They think they were okay to trust themselves, and then they second guess all the decisions after that incident.

For anyone who has not been through such a devastating thing to try to define it shows a lack of compassion and character. Those people who have gone through this trial need to be consoled, respected, and given time to come to terms with their emotions. They do not need classified as legitimate victims, or on the other side, illegitimate victims. They need to know they can survive this and come out stronger than before, and they can trust the world again.

To all those who have bashed this hope, a insincere sarcastic thank you. To all the religious people who are backing those who believe in legitimate and illegitimate rape, thank you for crushing survivors of tragedies. Thank you so much for trying to define people by the way an act was done to them, instead of seeing what they went through.

Insincere Thanks,

A survivor

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