So I’m in this kickboxing routine now, 3x per week. As I like to say “eat, sleep, kickbox”. I went from not being able to move the bag, to nearly kicking the dumb bag over when i do a round house. Now if called upon to do so I can knock the bag over and almost set it up by myself, (it’s not my fault that the bag weighs 250 lbs and I weigh 103).
The kickboxing has given my voice back to me. It’s taken the “dangerously damaged” and left me just “dangerous”. I’m healing, because I took all the hurt and anger I felt because of my past, amd I channeled it into a medium, and am letting it out. By doing this I am able to become stronger, be a better person, and see changes.
My husband has also been a great help in “releasing” my passion for kickboxing. He’s coached me, gotten me new gear, and encouraged me when i wanted to give up cuz of hurt wrists and ankles. He helps me keep focused on the goal and not get overwhelmed. Truly the best. He tells me that I am more than able to become the fighter i want to be, even if my mom refuses to see it. But I’ll touch more on my “mommy issues” later.
Hope everyone is doing great.
Comment back with things that you are, or plan to start succeeding with this week.