Ending a friendship is kind of like ending a relationship, because that person was a part of your life. So ending that relationship is going ot suck no matter how you do it. You can be brave and choose the face to face break up routine, risk losing a limb, you can take the step down approach and leave a message in their voicemail like “hey it was great while it lasted but your nose hair is really starting to freak me out and I’ve got to call this off” OR you can write them a letter/email and explain life. Tell them how you “loved the friendship the “love” was great and it made you feel alive, but now it’s lacking zest and you need ot move on and find the next person to make you feel alive, because you are sure there are better people out there for them as well.” Really when you think about it, Voice mail messages get erased after a set amount of time, and you lose the sound of a person’s voice so maybe the last option isn’t the worst one after all, but a way of preserving a sweet memory. I still have written mementos from a great friendship and I will probably keep these forever. Even though some of the memories of the “breakup” aren’t ood, the memories prior to that are wonderful.   It’s about walking away from the past and trusting that “new is always better”