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Promotions — 2013/02/28


Promotions are received for jobs well done. People won’t receive promotions if they don’t put forth effort or give their time to make things happen. The transition from one level to the next takes a special drive it takes passion beyond what was expected previously. To receive a promotion indicates recognition of a job well done and expectation that this job will continue to be furthered. After the promotion is received the amount of work put forth must be more intense and focused on a single goal.

            In achieving a higher belt in MMA it shows the progrexssion toward my ultimate goal of one day being a black belt and the best martial artist possible. In the promo I need to become more focused in my goal of the black belt. A black belt in karate, judo, or any martial art form is the highest form of recognition that a person has mastered that system. A coach is vital in training the student to become the best they can be, no matter how far they want to go. The coach gives praise, corrects problem areas and has the ability to give the promotion to the student. The sensei has the unique responsibility of encouraging the student while not tearing them down and stripping them of confidence.

“I fall in love with people’s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.”Image

Windy Martial Arts — 2013/02/17

Windy Martial Arts

The thing about wind is it transports things to other places. No matter the object, depending on the strength of the wind it will pick the object up and throw it around like nothing else matters. With the life of a martial artist it is much the same as wind. Things are sometimes rough and tumble and sometimes calm and gentle. Either way, the person has peace because they know there is more to life than fighting the tide. With the wind it takes no heed to the objects importance, whether it be something simple or something of great value. Wind is also used in propelling things. Airplanes for example are moved by wind over their wings, and a deal of magic too. Without wind, dust would build up and humans would suffocate. Without the movements employed in martial arts, the muscles would tense up and people would forget the katas, or routines. As a person practices martial arts repeatedly, they become skilled at the movements and the katas become second nature. When someone throws a punch, the blocking motion is an afterthought.


You taught this bird to fly::2-14-2013 — 2013/02/15

You taught this bird to fly::2-14-2013


So today is your birthday. Normally I guess I would have called and we’d have chatted about anything and everything. We’d have talked for a while and then hung up like it was no big deal. Before now I would never have treasured the sound of your voice which I insanely miss right now. You were the person I trusted, which is kind of ironic since there were some things you definitely couldn’t understand about my life. This trust was based on the fact that you were the person I knew the longest and you took me back to the simple days, of swings and mud pies.

I’m fairly sure our family was rather predictable when it came to getting you gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or whatever holiday came to bear. We loved that about our family, Routines cant be beaten by off the wall thinking and our routines had been set, and worked for us.

One of the things I’d want to make sure you knew if we could talk again, is how much I loved each minute we had. I adore you, even though you aren’t here anymore, just ask anyone. When I find a picture that you are in, I just become a happier version of myself.

You taught this bird how to fly, and I’ve built my wings now, and I’m honing my flight skills.

I love you.


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