The thing about wind is it transports things to other places. No matter the object, depending on the strength of the wind it will pick the object up and throw it around like nothing else matters. With the life of a martial artist it is much the same as wind. Things are sometimes rough and tumble and sometimes calm and gentle. Either way, the person has peace because they know there is more to life than fighting the tide. With the wind it takes no heed to the objects importance, whether it be something simple or something of great value. Wind is also used in propelling things. Airplanes for example are moved by wind over their wings, and a deal of magic too. Without wind, dust would build up and humans would suffocate. Without the movements employed in martial arts, the muscles would tense up and people would forget the katas, or routines. As a person practices martial arts repeatedly, they become skilled at the movements and the katas become second nature. When someone throws a punch, the blocking motion is an afterthought.