Having a move in MMA that you can come back to in a match is like having a safety blanket. Giving you comfort and letting you know that you will be alright, that there is security even if facing a much larger opponent in a match, you got this. No matter the starting position, when the fighter uses this move the opposing person will tap. For some it is the “rear naked choke”. Leaving one’s back unguarded is always dangerous in life, and especially in the ring where people grab your neck and choke the air out of you. Another favorite of a fighter may be an “arm bar” wherein the goal is to break the opponents arm before they have time to figure out what the heck is going on. The pain will cue them in and “get the tap” once again scoring a victory.

Teaching these moves is a bit like dancing, at first it is done slowly, carefully to avoid injury, understanding that the other person will make mistakes. Given time they will get strong and as your teaching skills improve they will build confidence and knowledge of the moves. In time their ability to maneuver and ability to master the drills will come naturally to them. As you continue to work together both build each other up and press each toward the ultimate goal of becoming the best fighters possible.  Image