Fight or flight

Everyone has a plan til they get punched in the face. In that split second the fighter gets focused, while the beginner gets scared and soft. The fighter hones in on his opponents’ soft spots, on where they are most vulnerable to being taken down in the fight, while the beginner will just look for a way to make the punches stop coming. This plan isn’t foolproof. It comes with practice and the practice is mastered by having a trusted partner to work with on trouble areas. The partner will encourage the mastery of skills and give tips to improve the excellence as seen in daily routines.
So which will you be today, the fighter, who is focusede on the goal, not wavering when life “punches you in the face” or the beginner, ready to give up when life gets rough and tumble? Also consider thanking your “partner” whoever they may be, for their support in your day to day fights.



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