People read books for dummies to tell them how to do things like run a computer or having self confidence, :Building Self-Confidence for Dummies Audiobook. Others choose talking to psychics to get knowledge they can’t find anywhere else, while another class of people finds comfort in religion when facing a difficult decision.  Some people let inner turmoil overwhelm them into shells of their former beauty. They can no longer take part in their previous activity with gusto and the fire in their eyes loses its flare. If they were passionate about working out they lose the zest of the workout and it becomes a chore.   

 In this life it is rare to find inner peace, therefore a lifelong journey to find it ensues. Peace is one of those things which will come when the chase is stopped but that rarely stops the huntsman from seeking peace. When serenity is obtained people can boast of their ability to live more meaningful lives and whatnot, but up to that point they live just ordinary workaday lives struggling to find food and find what makes them feel most whole inside. That is the first thing that I, like all others I am chasing at this moment.

 Chasing things is a human trait that will no doubt be a continuous characteristic throughout daily life. We want what others have, we see someone better looking, etc. The choice to be made is to chase what is most important and worth having. The goals obtainable and that wont tear a person down in the long run are the ones which will be beneficial to the people involved in their lives. 

My question to you: What do you find yourself chasing at this moment, whether a positive or negative force in your life