It sucks when people are indecisive. Then they pull away to avoid u seeing them being that way. They are afraid of your reaction to their decisions. When you show your true feelings they may withdraw and pull away from you, citing that you are judgmental and harsh their buzz. If they want to be indecisive it’s a personal choice sure but then they should live their lives realizing that people have human nature and can do whatever they well please. If that’s drinking life away after being clean for fifteen years or eating a chocolate cake after losing five pounds the results will be the same. The self respect once held will diminish over time.

In order to trust oneself a person must be decisive in their actions. This is a crucial skill in many aspects of life such as one’s career and anything they are passionate about. When applied to a lifestyle such as MMA, it frees the artist to overcome their self imposed limits. When one has a good sense of self motivation they have no trouble getting where they want to go in life. They will do what it takes to obtain their goals, working harder than other people deem necessary, perhaps being called obsessive by their peers for pursuing their passions.  Image