Every day you wake up eager and ready to run, train. Dreams are big and you hearts soars with expectation of things to come. Your mantra has become “if you want this, fight for it” as opposed to “if it scares you run from it”. Big things are happening, from competitions to friendships and it’s all very exciting. Today I’d like to touch on how to fight the freak out which will be experienced in the near future.

            When a big event occurs it is normal and even motivating for people to become overwhelmed by the event. The trick is to channel that energy to be beneficial to what you need to become for the challenge you face. If the fighter can do that, they will succeed, if not, they may be overcome with doubts and will ultimately fail whatever they are trying to do. Whether that’s a choke, or a simple s-mount, the fighter will get inside their own head and fail themselves without anyone else saying a negative word to them.

            The fighter could have the best cheering squad in the world and without confidence it would not mean anything. A person has to walk out on the mat and honestly into every day of their lives thinking they are the biggest and best people out there. As the saying goes, “it’s not bragging if you can back it up”.

Make it your mission to be able to back up what you claim. Don’t let your words be hollow idioms; vain projectiles that are hurled into outer space with no gusto are useless.Image