It anguishes me to tell you this. But I miss you. Or I miss who you used to be. I can’t talk to you like we used to. It’s not me, it’s you. I suppose it’s always been you, but not in the good way. I just couldn’t see it before. Now it is clear as day that you really only want me when it is convenient, when you are bored, or need something to occupy your time. You have no time for me on a daily basis even though I would literally drop it all for you in a second.  I deserve better than that, or so I’m learning. It might take time, but I’ll stop looking for you in the little things I do, stop looking for your shadows when I go for runs, and waiting for you to call.

I’m truly getting stronger on my own. I’m my own person, you taught me that much. I don’t need to be abused. Thanks for that. Now that this has transitioned into a take::take relationship, I have to say goodbye and just take time for me, since that’s what is best for me and those who rely on me.  I know there might always be a part of me that’s waiting to hear from you, hoping for that call to say that you want me back again, but maybe I’ll be stronger and able to tell you to shove it once and for all. It’s what I truly want and need to do. It’s like they say with little kids, if they burn their hands on the stove they learn the stove is hot. I’m like the stove only I was turned way down. Guess what, pain turned up my heat to HIGH. if you touch me now you’ll burn your hands, maybe you’ll learn.

Best of luck.