Being a champion means more than winning every fight¸ more than mastering every move on the first try. A champion mindset is learned in hours spent doing reps, thirsting and sweating long hours while others won’t get off the couch to coach and be a supporter. This champion mindset sees the impossibilities of success and then gets up and making those happen, small steps at a time. When success comes this mindset enjoys it so much more knowing that it was paid for in full and not given.  The broken bones, bruised ribs, pulled muscles, and bloodshot eyes are proof of passion in the fighter life.

“Even the biggest failure beats the hell out of never trying”

 They wake up with a passion in their eyes unmatched by the average person who has no reason for living and just goes about a humdrum life. They train insane, preferring that to living the same. They refuse to be mediocre, they want to win big or either fail well and learn how to do it right. They are so passionate that they refuse to miss training no matter how they feel. IF they are discouraged they look to people who did this before for inspiration and how they may have overcome such a time.

“The things you are passionate about are not random they are your calling”

~ Fabienne Fredrickson