I missed your birthday on the 26th and I’m sure you thought I forgot, but you will never ever be forgotten. One can never forget those who played the pivotal role you did in my life. You were my source of inspiration as a child, and you taught me to trust again as a baby.

My MomMom, you celebrated my wacky genius at young ages, you let me do crazy things, like running for energy. You gave me millions of pages to color on and then hung those pages up with pride. You never told me that my hair looked bad, or that my sense of style was weird, and I have pictures proving both of those to be true.

You showed me how to have peace in the midst of chaos, for that’s what I brought, I’m sure. There were times when you didn’t feel like chasing me around and we still went outside and chased fireflies.

To that there is only one thing to say. You are my hero, and I am eternally grateful.

Happy belated birthday, wherever you are I hope you dance.  

Love Sara