The only thing constant about life is change. The difference between the masses is how we deal with the changes thrown at the people. Lately I have been through a separation, I lost the ability to take my frustrations out on a bag due to the fact that i was abused by my husband. This caused me to leave my extremely pleasant life behind and relocate everything to live with my parents. I moved out on a whim and thereby have left many things dear to me back at my house. I hate this.

The waking up in tears. The breakdowns in the middle of the day. Seeing certain things and freaking out about it, no fair.

I feel like nothing has changed for him. I feel like he got to keep the house and keep his job. he never had to move. I just hate him. The only thing he lost is living with me. We were exclusive but we fought all the time and he frequently said how I should just go out and find someone else.

I really hate this. Im bitter and grumpy somedays and its all i can do to fake a smile.