“I’m just gonna take that as…what the hell is apesauce”

So I installed this cool little app on my phone, Time Hop. It notes the day and looks back in social media posts to see if anything noteworthy happened. The thing about this app, it shows everything, not caring if you’re in the middle of a divorce and wouldn’t want to see it. It is the pure recollection application. It allows you to look back at your life with unfettered access, one day at a time. You can see how you’ve grown over those years and how you’ve stayed exactly the goddamn same.  It shows pictures you posted and social media entries you made.

For instance, One year ago today at 11:41pm I said “I’m just gunna take that as… What the hell is ape sauce”. This would be an example of things I don’t necessarily want to remember.  At the same time, even the painful memories are there for a reason. Even the hard times breed a better outlook.

Keep trucking to make your mark on the world. Fuck the haters for they are confused admirers. If someone is not a positive influence in your life, leave them behind you. Move out and don’t be afraid of change or making waves by being you. Making waves is the surest sign of doing something right.