You say you are done all the time. You’ve pulled this before. You say that im on my own and swear you wont talk to me anymore. Statistically speaking that has never proven out. Your words are hollow vague threats spread toward an innocent person who has only sought your love. Lying is something you claim to abhor and yet you are the queen of it and your husband is no better. You used to be people who followed a more of social edicts cast by a “loving god”. What happened to sticking ot your guns? This back n forth stuff is not giving anyone observing the situation a great opinion of your sanity.

I’ll survive on my own through all this. I always have gotten my shit together in the nick of time. My ingenuity is boundless and I am a stronger person for not always having a good support system. I have come through worse than this alone and I will do it again. One day you will watch me rise from the ashes and be so surprised at the majesty that came from being broken beyond repair.

I am strong without you. I can adapt to each situation with ease because of the life skills gained from your abandonment. I can understand how some kids are easier to love than others, but if you weren’t willing to give your all to me, you should just have let nature take its course.