Hell in High Heels

You only see the beauty, never the pain

Strong woman Rough — 2015/01/17

Strong woman Rough

I want to be a strong woman. One who assures people she doesn’t need them, she wants them. I am capable of living on my own, it’s just more fun to be with people… Sometimes. Then, people prove that being a hermit is what is best. They do this in many ways from picking fights, to accusing you of doing something wrong. With these accusations trust is broken and lives are destroyed. That is, Unless both parties choose to work through the problems, working together to a common goal which enables both to have potential success.  Accusations tear people down, while believing in people lifts them up.

Irrevocable passion — 2015/01/12

Irrevocable passion

And you wonder why she doesn’t confide in you anymore. The way you treat her dreams and try to dissuade her from following her dreams is horrible. You need a catch up course on how to parent or even friend correctly. I know there are many takes on this, but I think the commonality with all of it would be support. You cant question her life choices at every turn and expect her to be hunky dory with confiding in you. Dreams need fuel and when the fuel source is starved, those who own the dreams should be free to move on and find someone else to help them. Everyone has a dream in their hearts. It’s the biggest part of being alive. It’s an irrevocable passion to succeed. When these dreams are crushed, a human life can be shattered. In success some find peace, others find motivation. If you keep someone from being able to succeed by instilling notions of self doubt in their heads, you might want to check yourself. A lack of trust will result from a lack of support and even bold faced attempts to discredit a dream.

This is life, are you ready to live?

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