There is no way to adequately describe how invested I’ve become to the success of this new endeavor. I want you to see how invested I’ve become. This is new for me, but I’m loving this new feeling of waking up with a mission on my mind, that of helping you see my investment, to see how incredibly devoted I can be. I am determined to prove the nay-sayers incorrect. Those who believe I am incapable of being close with someone again will fall short in their prediction.

I want to show you how intensely I believe that this is worth it. All the pain, failure, and heartache has brought us to a time such as now. This tango of life will twirl us around and make us dizzy if we don’t close our eyes sometimes. So we dance on, entangled in each other’s arms, our eyes tightly closed to the world spinning around us. Just for a minute, we lose ourselves in the intensity of the feels emanating between us.

In a few words, I love you more each day and I strive to prove the fact with everything I do.