And that fast, life changes, and you have no choice but to keep your head above water, to keep swimming and keep your chin up. You have to keep fighting because you were born to show them that you are better than whatever they throw at you. So what if they promise forever and walk out of your life without a second thought as soon as things get dicey. You have to keep your chin up, if only for your own personal well being. No one around you can understand how broken they have made you, so keep your fears and brokenness to yourself, it’s just better that way. If you have a dream, don’t tell people about it, quietly and ferociously pursue that thing. Hunt it down and beat it into submission. The change won’t be subtle and it won’t be sweet, but it will be necessary to formulate you into the magnificent butterfly you are becoming. You can’t become the butterfly without leaving behind everything you were. Did you know that when s become butterflies, they literally turn into mush first. That’s what I call leaving it all behind you. Leave all the crap behind you, turn your life to mush, realize that better things are ahead you beautiful butterfly.

Go get it