People who judge others without knowing the full story of their lives are just silly. I was sitting at dinner a few nights ago in nice clothes and heels with a guy friend at a sushi restaurant and someone decided to take that liberty with me. Now I am the farthest thing from a prostitot as you can get. However, This gentleman felt the need to lean over to the lady next to him and their grand daughter and whisper loudly that I looked like a prostitute. I just looked at the guy I was with and he looked at me like “what do we do now…”

My point in bringing this experience up is one should never judge another’s experience for we have no way of knowing what they have come through or where they are going in life. What battles they face are their business alone and we should not suppose to know how to handle them.

Oh at the end of night I had skinned my toe because of the high heels… The things we put ourselves through for beauty