I guess the thing about promises is that they are made and at some point they will be broken, The nature of promises is as humans we will fail, we will falter, and we will utterly fuck up in life. Marriage is a sham. For this reason, I’m not saying this to discredit those whose ultimate dream is to get married and have kids, that’s great. But it’s a promise to stay together forever. an impossibility at any rate


2 thoughts on “Promises

  1. im married. but 10 years ago i told myself no marriage and no kids ever. just work, money and help others along the way. it took me a while to marry my husband or to change my last name, but i think marriage is going against our human nature really…and maybe thats why we do it. we r not at all monogamous creatures at all, but we still try to go against the obvious. to tell u the truth….marriage is fkn hard and if i do get a divorce i will stay alone until i die. seriously. but i love me husband. i get ur point of view.

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