This is bullshit. When you try to do the right thing, to keep the peace and it gets thrown in your face, that’s bullshit. When you are doing your damnedest to make people happy and it’s fucking impossible, that’s motherfucking bullshit. If you’re lost and you have nowhere to go, trust yourself child, cuz in the end who the hell else do you have to rely on? When the road seems dark and impassable and you can’t see where to place your next foot, trust your intuition to never lead you wrong because it hasn’t until now.

This may be bullshit, but this is not new bullshit, this is bullshit you were built to endure. You are more than able to figure this the fuck out and obtain whatever your heart desires. Keep working toward your goals, and you will get there in time. The bullshit meter may be going off the charts, but you’ve got this, you brilliant motherfucker, now go fucking fight. Don’t let yourself get bowled over by life, instead grab her by the tits, introduce yourself, and fuck her in the ass, and DO NOT ASK PERMISSION. Life never asks permission before screwing you, why should you reciprocate?