I tried not to write this, but you broke a peice of my heart off on Christmas Day, so this is your repayment. I hope you’re happy for breaking your best friends heart. I hope you’re happy for shattering your girl friend’s dream of having a forever with you. I hope you got what you wanted when she started crying after you left. I hope you know how broken you left her feeling, even though she has someone new in her life. You really are the worst kind of human, because you come in like a white knight while really being a devil in sheeps clothing. You talked about such big plans when she came back to you in the future, and you wonder why people lose their patience with your games. Threatening her will not work, she is a queen, she plays the whole board, not a pawn like yourself.  Breathe before threatening her, for she knows her power even if you need reminded of it now and then.