A whole bunch of new experiences

Everywhere you look, things are changing. Loved ones far and near are passing away, political schemes are brewing, Surgeries are happening and I’m just done.

Tomorrow I get stitches, staples, and sutures taken out from my surgeries for my shunt infection. It will be a long, arduous, and painful occurrence, but a necessary step in the healing process.

The reality is you live and you die, and in between you pay taxes. This was made a reality to me when I found out my mother had passed away. I never had the chance to know her as Daughters should know their Mothers. I was dumbstruck by the fact that now I never will get to know her.

Breakups are a real part of life, happening in many relationships because the two entered can’t handle the reality of each other. While I want to be sad that this occurs, a breakup is a chance for two people to be more themselves than ever before, and I want to be happy and watch people jump at this new-found chance.

After life altering surgery, you want people to come see you, to wish you well. Sometimes, this can’t occur because of a variety of reasons.



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