He loved her and she knew it was all she’d need to get through anything life could throw at them. They hadn’t been together long,and they had many fights. But they were together when it mattered. They weathered life’s storms together. They knew their love was real and would stand the test of time. Her fear. His Illness. Her doubt. Were nothing compared to the mutual adoration shared between those two.

Theirs was the type of love that pulled others into its web. It made you want to live bigger. To forget your doubts, debts, and fears. Theirs was a new, yet old love. The love written of in the story books. Where the prince rescues the princess; though in this case he insisted she had rescued him. Imagine that, a prince locked in a castle as the princess comes to save him. A gender roles switch to be sure. But that is how he sees their relationship as she has saved him from a life of misery.

This is the type of love we all seek. It is what the world needs to continue its venture around the sun.

For love is necessary