A silvery white gown, sequins studding the top and gloves she was wearing. A brilliant necklace of an infinity symbol(to signify the eternal significance of their love) was around her neck. On her feet she wore quaint gold slippers, property of her mother, her “something borrowed”. The gown is trimmed in a light blue, the color of the sky on a clear beautiful day (her something blue). On her hands she wore glove trimmed in gold. All the gold, a signature of the life they planned to have together. That of riches and glory, straight royalty.

When she walks in, she has a bouquet of white lilies and roses sprayed gold. The petals she glides on are gold and white as well. All eyes are on her in rapt attention for she was a work of the god’s artistry. As I think of this, I realize this woman could have been me. I could have had a prince so enthralled with me that he couldn’t take his eyes off me. But that dream has been swayed by the darkest of times.

Keep your chin up child, otherwise your crown falls. Wipe your tears child, lest your mascara runs. Free your feet of the shackles and dance. For you are free.