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Rewrite the phrase “You are what you__________” — 2016/09/21

Rewrite the phrase “You are what you__________”

It is said “You are what you eat”. Rewrite the phrase “You are what you__________”


“You are what you are enthralled with”. To me, what you dwell on or obsess about, you become. Your three closest friends are determinant in who you become. You kind of become more like whomever are constantly surrounded by.

Ergo if you surround yourself with bullshit you’ll reflect this. Whereas if you surround yourself with confident, successful people, you will become more like this. So it’s really all your choice in the end. You choose your path in life and cane decide whether or not to be depressed, alone, or happy.

Awkward Descriptions —

Awkward Descriptions

Write a really awkward description or ad for a dating website:


Want to feel like the strong one in the relationship? Tired of being the illiterate one when out with friends? Give me a shout. I’ll make you look good in every way. 9/10 you are better looking than me, so that’s in the bag. Also you can probably beat me in a foot race since flesh eating disease took my feet.

i just don’t even know — 2016/09/16

i just don’t even know

Is so wrong to desire connection? I can’t apologize for wanting to be on someone’s mind such that they want to contact me. As someone once said, I deserve that much.

Is it so wrong to want to be wanted? I want to be wanted, I feel like I deserve to be desired by someone as their top priority. Not that school, work and family aren’t important… but that person will acknowledge my priority above those things.

This is for you cuz I know you’re out there.


My love… my Freedom — 2016/09/12

My love… my Freedom

It was through you I learned to live. “Survive and Thrive” was a long lost hope until I met you. You showed me that barreling through obstacles to get to a goal even if the odds are stacked against us was a noble cause. You taught me the value of a moment in time, proving that those odds can’t beat a fighter. As we learned through you, nobility is a desire of the many, while only few have the courage to embrace it. I got you when you were two years old, a little big boy who needed a home. After I brought you home we spent hours together, learning the simple things, like how to trust people. We would go on to learn lessons like the saddle doesn’t hurt you, even if we try to bite the blanket before it goes on your back. My baby boy, I watched you grow into the “man” I saw in you when you waltzed around that ring. With strange humans around you, you weren’t even a little afraid. You reeked of sought for adventure and you proved to me time and again that adventure was a worthy challenge. You showed me that it was both of us who needed the other. We taught each other how to love again.  You showed me that having a deformity was a chance to grow stronger. With a brutish type attitude you showed me that you would not run around in a circle, at times making me work harder by turning around and chasing the whip.

When I heard you were leaving, I was really sad. But spending time with you last night proved to me that this is the best move. You deserve a chance to be embraced by people who can devote their lives to you and spoil you every day. You deserve more than I can give you right now. This girl needs you to prove to her that love is worth loving. OR you’ll teach her some other equally important lesson.

My Freedom, you were my world and now you’ll be someone else’s world. I have the greatest expectations for you, little boy. You have awesome potential and you deserve the best. I will never forget you.

I love you my baby… My Freedom’s Glory.

To you, from me — 2016/09/08

To you, from me

Hey you, It’s been awhile since I touched base. I miss you so much, it’s astounding. It occurs to me that if you were still here I would have made more of an effort in many portions of my life and things might be different. For instance, I would have more people to talk to, see also anyone, and may not have gotten divorced. Or if it had happened I would have a person to pour my heart out to about the craziness that’s transpiring in my life right now. I could’ve told you how much it hurt that my ex husband got married and my family went to the wedding. Just having my best friend back.

As a kid, I always felt loved by you, difference is now, people aren’t beholden to love me or even accept me. It’s weird how things change with time. I miss you and how we used to go for little walks behind your house. I miss my cherry tomato plants and I miss how you always made me feel so safe. The fact that you are gone has nothing to do with the traumas I faced as a child, yet you were always my confidante during trying times.

I love you so much. Let’s talk soon.



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