Hey you, It’s been awhile since I touched base. I miss you so much, it’s astounding. It occurs to me that if you were still here I would have made more of an effort in many portions of my life and things might be different. For instance, I would have more people to talk to, see also anyone, and may not have gotten divorced. Or if it had happened I would have a person to pour my heart out to about the craziness that’s transpiring in my life right now. I could’ve told you how much it hurt that my ex husband got married and my family went to the wedding. Just having my best friend back.

As a kid, I always felt loved by you, difference is now, people aren’t beholden to love me or even accept me. It’s weird how things change with time. I miss you and how we used to go for little walks behind your house. I miss my cherry tomato plants and I miss how you always made me feel so safe. The fact that you are gone has nothing to do with the traumas I faced as a child, yet you were always my confidante during trying times.

I love you so much. Let’s talk soon.