Well then that happens. You leave your house to go meet someone new, you think it won’t amount to much, so you take your head with you. You don’t take your phone charger cuz in your mind you’ll be right back to the house. But then a day goes by, then two, and you’re enthralled with this person. Your phone died last night and you were lucky he has a similar phone. You don’t want to come on too strong but it seems like magic between you, and it must be real cuz half the shit on the profile he read and liked was kind of fake. He won your heart when he took you to TWO, not one, TWO local wineries. 

 And when he gets jealous of your ex, you think it is so super cute you just can’t. Given the data you’ve acquired, he’s not ever going to label the magic between you. You wish there was a “magic” setting in the relationship status. You remember that time when you thought you had the world but that BOY left you and got married. A real man would’ve stuck with you, would’ve committed to you alone. When you think you have the world, to have it snatched away at the last second, it breaks you. You are brave for continuing to live, with enthusiasm. 

Maybe this is your second (34th) chance. Your chance to explore new scenarios with someone who has seen life and knows it’s wacked out, but someone who accepts it for the wack that it is, and embraces new situations. He heard you worked in a bioengineering lab and immediately proposed science experiments, to wit you feel a connection, like an adventure is brewing. He knows about the surgeries and shit that has happened, doesn’t seem phased by it. Apparently he hadn’t known about the divorce… oops. That’s the kind of thing you don’t really emphasize anyway.