Just give him three days. Wait three days, no texts, no calls, no nothing. Then see if he comes back”
“What if I can’t wait three days tho”
“You see the thing is, you keep running back to him and he gets off on it. He knows he’s gonna have you coming back to him. Why not give him three days and make him realize, oh shit it’s serious, I’m really losing her!”
“What if he doesn’t even come back?”
“Then why would you wanna be with someone that doesn’t want you? Why would you wanna be with someone like that

__ Deep thoughts


If it takes someone three days to contact me, I want no part of their craziness. I want to be chosen, all my insanity, all my honesty. Without regard for struggles to be faced, I want someone to choose me. To actively say, “That’s my human. I like that human.” I will wait, because I am enough in and of myself, to be chosen by someone. Not to be a thirsty girl, not to seek attention or whore out my body. I am enough. I think if more girls heard this in their youth we wouldn’t have the pervasive thoughts of “men must accept me” of those generations today. My 3 day rule is legit. My 3 day rule keeps me from fretting over bullshit. If someone can’t contact me on the regular, I have better things to invest my time in. I am better than being second best to anything.