It your birthday. you wake up in the morning and start celebrating with pancakes and presents. You spend some time kidding around with your “best friend” who had a thing for you but says it is OK that you have a boyfriend. Then your boyfriend comes over to hang out and you all just click. Jokes at your expense are thrown around with the caveat that it’s your birthday. You endure the teasing, so happy that you have a team. later that night Boyfriend gives you a gift, a dagger to wear on your leg. You run around with that on your leg for a long time, but when you walk back into your house, the owner flips out on you. he says you’ve changed and he can’t be apart of it. You lose your home, and a major part of your team is gone in an instant. You know that you CAN endure this trial, but you wonder if you SHOULD. There’s the huge difference, between can and should, it’s astranomical the difference between these terms. 

You can better yourself and you should better yourself. Always seek to make yesterday jealous as fuck of your present self. Bigger and better. Build a new team and fortify that team such that nothing comes between you.