Lets hear it for those writers who are terrified to pick up a pen. They know their personal power and are afraid that no one else can handle the issues that come up in their minds. They have people encouraging them, it’s not that they lack encouragement. It’s rather that they have learned to heed the fear and make it work. If they sit down at the computer and the words don’t flow, these writers don’t push it. They save the document for another day. A day when the words will flow because there is emotion behind them, compared to the empty void that is experienced some nights. Sometimes they will just stare at the blank page and write “I don’t know what to say.” And let that be the entry for the day.

The writers who forage on in incredible circumstances; battling personal hells, drought of words, and crippling insecurities are the ones deserving of applause. Those writers who face the odds conquer them and wake up the next  morning to start the whole thing over again are the real heroes. They look fear in the face and say “let me at em”. They know the issues that are burning in their hearts and find themselves eager to wage war on the silent demons in the air.