What do you want? Sit down and write it out on a piece of paper or type it out in a blog. By doing this, you give yourself a goal to work toward and thereby a measure of peace in your life.

Given the realism in our lives on a daily basis, you have to decide what is worth fighting for. If that is fighting to get to lunch hour the next day, or marrying the person you’ve had a romance with for a few weeks. Make a plan and stick to it.


I want to be in this relationship long term. I see this man being someone I could build with. I see him being someone who will push my boundaries and accept my short comings. We have been through so much in such a short time already. I want this to work. I’m definitely feeling like I’m running out of time romantically. I hate thinking of how I had such a great potential of a relationship and squandered it for what. I need to settle in to my rhythm and trust my soul to react to cues given by the Universe and trust that I’ve learned from my past. I will not find myself in the negative situation I was in. I will not surrender to the voices around me that say there is nothing left for me out here. I am better than that. I want to believe I am worth fighting for. I want someone who is willing to deal with my bad days and relish in the good ones. I need to remember how fulfilling release feels. I need to trust my partner to have my back during the release to let me fall if I need to, but to rise and glide as I want to as well.