What do you do

What do you do when your Prince might not be the one? What action do you take when your dreams may not come true. When you feel so alone you can’t breathe, and your heart is just squished for room to beat, you know that there is one thing that is always true.

It is wholly in your control. To give up or kick the stuffing out of the situation, it’s all up to you. When your worst nightmares might come true, as hard as you fight the tide, then you just let the Future take control. Allow yourself the space and time to embrace the chaos.


One thought on “What do you do

  1. Reblogged this on syanide227 and commented:
    Only you can make the choice. I come only show you the door. You come only make the choice. To either walk thought the threshold, or stay there. I can only give you my hand. you need but to grab it. Im still here for you.

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