Reasons I don’t look back vol 723

So I got a friend request today. No big deal but honestly it was WHO sent me the request that bugged me out. 

When you attempt to place someone in a psychiatric hospital because they wanted to hang out with their friends while you smoked and shit with yours, that’s not okay. When you called her mother to get an idea of how to control her, that’s not okay. 
Why would I. Want to let you back in my life when I am finally on my own two feet and we are both happy and uninvolved in the others life. 

It makes no sense. It is one of the main reasons I never look back. To be honest, as long as I’m on the up and up forget you. 


When you want to do something you should do it. Don’t be held back by someone who says that your idea isn’t fun for them. They don’t live in your shoes. Don’t get agitated by those who can’t measure up to your idea of awesome. Let them exist as they will and perhaps you will meet in the aftermath. 

Huge ups

Huge applause for the person who let me meet my dad after quite awhile last night. Even after our huge fight that afternoon, when we found ourselves in his area, you encouraged me to call him.  I’ll be thankful to you for getting me jump started in his life. For everyone’s lives can be so fleeting, its important to be involved.


No one

No one can make you cry. No one can truly make you smile either. Your happiness or sadness depends entirely on you as a person. You choose every day whether it will be a good day or a bad day.  You solely choose who to let enter your life, and you determine who gets to stay year after year. If the people in your life make you sad or upset on a regular basis, make better choices.


All of my kindness is taken for weakness

That time you meet the love of your life and his family and you realize that his relationship with them is what you’ve been missing your whole life. How you find yourself cutely jealous of the way he talks to his baby sister every day, and how his dad calls him randomly. You realize that you miss those connected moments. And you see that it is what you desire to have in your life.

That time when the love of your life decides randomly at 10 at night that you are going to organize HIS storage container, when all YOU want to do is cuddle up and watch a movie, then life gets tough. Lucky you are both adults and apparently well capable of operating individually.

That time when you just want to give him some news and he’s sleeping, but he acknowledges you. Then when he “wakes up” says he has no recollection of the conversation.

More to follow I’m sure.

I think I lost my mind, I might do a little time.