Hell in High Heels

You only see the beauty, never the pain

Habanero style living — 2016/12/31

Habanero style living

The key to getting good at anything is truly repetition. Giving yourself time to fail is pivotal in the learning experience. Granted it’s much easier to fail from the comfort of a two story farm house that is fully heated than from the bed of a Ford Escapade. One thing that helps me in times of failure is the knowledge that no matter what happens, music will be there to see me through my ordeal. If it’s simply too cold to move or think straight, turn on your head phones and be assured that Carrie Underwood understands. Granted when you are literally being kicked into the cold by the one person you thought was plugging for you, then things get a little dicey. But Dicey makes the flavor, right? You can’t have really hot Habaneros that are in their whole form, you gotta dice those suckers up into a beautiful array of super hotness. There will always be someone madder than you, someone in a worse position. Acknowledge that as you embrace the suck of your situation. Know yourself and how much you simply have all the necessary tools to get through this, and you’ll be just fine.

Analogous — 2016/03/15


So I have this cell phone, this really pretty silver cell phone, with a black silicon case. This cell phone refuses to give me a black screen, a restful screen. But I found this analogous to life itself. Life doesn’t tend to have an “off” switch. Our off switch seems to be death or when we are forced to sleep for a long time. Life just keeps pummeling us with problem after problem to which we must offer solutions so as to not become bogged down in the mire.


Means to an end — 2012/09/23

Means to an end

“In living we die, in dying we live.”

This quote, taken from a book many many years ago, I can’t help but relate it to my studies of biology, and my life as it runs its course at this time. We feel most alive sometimes when we are in fact dying at this very moment, at an actual astounding rate. We are doing research into preserving life, and in fact for the amount of people dying each moment, getting nowhere fast.

The pain and suffering endured by people today lead us to do extraordinary things in our pursuit of better lives. One thing i have taken to heart while studying at Lehigh University is there are all different people and you have to be open to new opinions.

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