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You only see the beauty, never the pain

Rocky Wisdom — 2014/01/21

Rocky Wisdom

Fact is, you will have bad training sessions, you will encounter nights when you don’t want to walk out of your house.  The winner spirit quietly goes through the routine and gains experience. Even if it’s bad practice, it’s still practice and overcomes a night  where you sat on your bum at home eating cocoa puffs and THINKING about the reps you could be doing at the gym. You’re growing bigger and better every time you practice the art that you know. If you are a painter even if you paint brown and black stripes you learn something about technique when you pick up your brush.

Moral of the story:  throw your kicks, even if they aren’t perfect they are YOUR kicks. Paint your portraits, make it your own.  “It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”


Don’t give them the pleasure — 2013/04/14

Don’t give them the pleasure

In any new sport there is a learning curve, wherein one learns concepts really fast and easy for a bit, and then the lessons get extremely hard. For some this leads to training fatigue, causing the m to stop training or learning altogether. One way to avoid training fatigue is be put through tests to challenge your knowledge, or you might be personally mentored to ensure your knowledge of the skillsets. Therefore as Julia Child said, you should find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. This will enable the fighter to push through pain and fatigue and get to their goals.

“When you want to give up, just think of all the individuals who would love to see you fail. Don’t give them the pleasure.” In certain disciplines this is doubly essential, if working in a lab setting and are unfamiliar with how a pipette works, this could hamper one’s ability to perform basic techniques. Therefore a person will often shadow another until they feel confident in their own right, then they will be let loose after their ability has been double checked.

It is the same with MMA, if a person is not safe on their feet they can get hurt, or hurt others, and they need to grasp the basic skills before being thrust into the more complex intricacies of the sport. The artist should be completely comfortable in their own skin on the mat before they try to tackle new moves with other people. Drilling the moves and watching the example of people who know the drills helps tremendously. It allows the learner to gauge whether or not they are retaining the correct knowledge in doing the moves and avoid injury.

When you want to quit, think of the people who want to see you fail. Don't give them the pleasure.
When you want to quit, think of the people who want to see you fail. Don’t give them the pleasure.
Windy Martial Arts — 2013/02/17

Windy Martial Arts

The thing about wind is it transports things to other places. No matter the object, depending on the strength of the wind it will pick the object up and throw it around like nothing else matters. With the life of a martial artist it is much the same as wind. Things are sometimes rough and tumble and sometimes calm and gentle. Either way, the person has peace because they know there is more to life than fighting the tide. With the wind it takes no heed to the objects importance, whether it be something simple or something of great value. Wind is also used in propelling things. Airplanes for example are moved by wind over their wings, and a deal of magic too. Without wind, dust would build up and humans would suffocate. Without the movements employed in martial arts, the muscles would tense up and people would forget the katas, or routines. As a person practices martial arts repeatedly, they become skilled at the movements and the katas become second nature. When someone throws a punch, the blocking motion is an afterthought.


Taken from 12-2-12 — 2012/12/04

Taken from 12-2-12

“You are beautiful, don’t let the devil tell you wrong. You are an angel in my eyes, so beautiful.”

Birthdays are a time to reflect on the years past, and to look at the future. When I think about birthdays now, it’s without the gusto, due to my family not being as close, and a few other reasons probably. Logan and I have come out here and totally branched out, and I am trying to make a go of my own life, and doing really well, but there is a small part of me that misses the fuss of my family. Birthdays make me reflect on who is present as well as who is not, and for those who are not, it makes me wonder what is so damn important in their lives that we got pushed out.

Sensei is really encouraging me with how much i am working at kickboxing and grappling, he is happy with how much i am progressing and how fast i am getting to where i need to go. My dojo is the one place (other than my apartment) I feel most at home. I am comfortable with the people. I have friends there and I can lightly joke with all of them. I feel comfortable in my TSK skin, everyother skin that I try to wear doesn’t fit right at this time.

“If I could give you one thing, it would be the gift of seeing yourself through my eyes”

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