When you want to do something you should do it. Don’t be held back by someone who says that your idea isn’t fun for them. They don’t live in your shoes. Don’t get agitated by those who can’t measure up to your idea of awesome. Let them exist as they will and perhaps you will meet in the aftermath. 

Lucifer’s demise is much like daily life

Have you ever noticed how intense things can become so quickly. Like one moment you are fine, enjoying a parade or a festival, maybe a kickass band in your backyard. You think nothing could break this eternal feeling you have, this feeling that silently screams this is where i belong, where i want to be. Then two minutes later everything feels so topsy turvy with the band’s noise turning sour in your ears faster than you thought possible. You went from cloud nine to the pits of hell faster than Satan went through his righteous demise. Did you know he was God’s most favorite angel. He had the ear of the savior all the time. He might have run his new tunes by God the Almighty, just for kicks. Many times I think people discredit Lucifer  for “falling”: But can you imagine the power he had up there… To be able to CREATE noise to be heard by the ears of god. I know some simple musicians who can’t do that halfway, and yet they think they are simply the shit. Given the range and pitch of musical notes, the complexity of the mixture seen in them

Huge ups

Huge applause for the person who let me meet my dad after quite awhile last night. Even after our huge fight that afternoon, when we found ourselves in his area, you encouraged me to call him.  I’ll be thankful to you for getting me jump started in his life. For everyone’s lives can be so fleeting, its important to be involved.



” You are more than what they say you can be”

The only thing written on the paper said more than a million words ever could.

The passion evident in the freshly written words. In the way the curve of the pen left traces of ink on the page. The message was simple yet complex, in that she alone could control her future. It silently implied that No one else has power over her, a message she desperately needed in that moment. The breakdown of who she was as a person came back to both fascinate and haunt her on the daily basis. She was a self reflective, quiet person. She wanted the best for everyone and sincerely hoped they all made it through this shit storm called life. It came into direct contrast with how she had lived her life. She knew what was right, she knew what was expected. But she didn’t give credence to those things. Not so far as what was expected of her.

She set her own boundaries and laughed in the face on danger, or perceived danger.


No one

No one can make you cry. No one can truly make you smile either. Your happiness or sadness depends entirely on you as a person. You choose every day whether it will be a good day or a bad day.  You solely choose who to let enter your life, and you determine who gets to stay year after year. If the people in your life make you sad or upset on a regular basis, make better choices.